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28 April 2021
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Developers Thinking High-rise Beyond The Conventional Realm

Posted On June 14, 2018

Developers Thinking High-rise Beyond The Conventional Realm

Though modern skyscrapers have been around for more than a century, we are yet to discover how an effective deployment of tall buildings can bring a sustainable future for smart cities. A wide range of ideas and concepts accompanied by technological advancements, and innovation to drive the vertical structures to go beyond the existing conventional realms will allow developers to think out of the box, and create structures that highlight the importance of a wholesome living in cities. It is necessary to design and develop green high rise buildings that fulfil all quality factors like internal floor plan, external designs, and other environmental factors.

As mentioned that the high-rise construction trend has evolved, and reached its climax in many countries across the world. A number of constructed or under-construction high-rise buildings are still designed in an environmental-unfriendly manner. The key problem areas being the low standard materials, less efficient energy utilisation, higher resource consumption, and many other featureless inclusions. This somewhat approach falls under a non sustainable construction mechanism. There is a need to adopt better construction standards to protect the environment and increase the efficiency of the high rise buildings.

Australian Smart Skyscraper Summit, an international level catalyst of the next generation skyscrapers and sustainable buildings is taking place from 26th June to 27th June 2018 at the Doltone House - Darling Island Wharf in Sydney Australia.

The event is focused on discussing the intricacies as well as the multifaceted challenges that are faced by urban planners, developers, designers, and architects in developing new skyscrapers to cater for growing vertical cities. With an aim at resource efficiency, sustainable materials, green construction practices, liveability, and appealing design. Further, amplifying its significance, the Summit convenes an array of speakers, and attendees from across the globe including building developers to build innovators, all having invaluable international, and local level industry sector insights, and sought after knowledge that is required to build holistically integrated edifices of the future.

Striking a balance: high rise project’s from a developer’s perspective is the theme of the panel discussion with a focus to elevate sustainability as the critical issue in building the skyscrapers impacting the economy, environment, society, and of course the users. It will further throw light on the balance between the buyer expectations, and the developer's realities — bringing together six prominent voices from the industry discussing the perspective of the developers while creating the vertical urbanism in cities. The panellists will untangle the enigma which often lies between the buyers, and developers, and architects, and developers. It will also discuss the urgency to carry out aggressive and the most sustainable measures that an economy can allow.

Chris Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Taskforce Australia will bring forth his part of ability, and a more than a decades experience as NSW Government architect, and a member of the Central Sydney Planning Committee. Having worked closely with the local government in creating the building codes his perception of building a skyscraper will enlighten the audience with the necessities required to create sustainable codes. The panel discussion will be inspiring the developers to recognise how important is the lasting impact of their work. Not just economically, and environmentally but also socially.

Arabis Labutis, Director of Urban Transformations, and Strategy, Coronation Property will be joining the discussion. Followed by Eve Clark the Design Director at AMP Capital who has experience of working in commercial, residential, education, health, and mixed-use projects with the Quay Quarter Sydney being one of her key projects. Her knowledge and responsibility of providing a design that is feasible, and touches the required criteria of an urban environment will be showcased at the event along with one more important addition to the team of panellists, Lex Lee, Project Director at Greenland Group. Lee, also involved in the design management while working in both China and Australia will accentuate the discussion further.

Mark Tait, Group Executive, and head of Commercial Developments for Investa, specialising in delivering complex large-scale projects that involve multiple stakeholders, construction, and design teams, and clients will share his thoughts drawing from his experience of 20 years in the property industry. With 25 years of experience of working at the global level, Tim Spencer, Executive General Manager at the Mulpha Developments is also invited to speak about his proficient journey that includes master-planned communities such as Norwest Business Park, Sanctuary Cove Resort, Leisure Farm Resort, and other iconic recreational, residential, and commercial structures.

There is both opportunity, and obligation to build more sustainable, secure, and energy efficient buildings of the contemporary era. The Australian Smart Skyscraper Summit 2018 will help urban developers, planners, and designers to take the legacy of tall building infrastructure to a greater level where people can feel safe, healthy, and happy while working, relaxing, and living in tall buildings.

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28 April 2021

Virtual, 11am - 3pm AEST



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