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28 April 2021
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Human-Friendly Timber Towers at the AU Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2018

Posted On April 24, 2018

Human-Friendly Timber Towers at the AU Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2018

Highly distinguished architect Richard Francis-Jones is set to treat delegates to the insights he gained working on ‘the tower of wood’, Sydney’s 37-floor EY Centre, at the upcoming Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit.

Mr Francis-Jones, Design Director and nominated architect of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt), has designed a number of highly-awarded buildings. Notably, the aforementioned EY Centre was awarded the 2017 Harry Seidler Award for the most outstanding commercial architecture in Australia.

The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit will weave through its agenda the nexus between sustainable high-rise design and elements that serve to improve the wellbeing of tenants. These themes are solidly represented within the EY Centre.

Responsive wooden louvres are embedded within the centre’s triple-glazed façade that responds to the positioning of the sun, the design allows automated heat load and sky glare control. Inside, open spaces encourage sociable and productive work environments.

From its interior to its exterior, the EY centre embodies warmth, sustainability, and responsiveness; qualities that together and separately aid in the creation and life-span of an optimal high-rise building.

Timber's sustainable properties are fairly well known – the EY Centre evidently has the material to thank for a great deal of its eco-friendliness.

At the Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit, to be held on the 26th and 27th of June in Sydney, Mr. Francis-Jones will outline how the use of timber within the EY Centre helped transform the building not only into an energy-efficient structure, but one that is also responsive to its human occupants.

His keynote presentation 'The Human Element of Timber Tower Buildings' will be one of many topics centring on sustainable, mood-boosting design and construction solutions for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

The construction industry’s growing interest in timber material within high-rise designs represents a powerful force at this year’s Summit with a number of key topics surrounding this material, helping attendees to fully grasp its impact and the most advanced technologies available to be employed for it. The presentations will outline its ability to act as a counter-measure against the negative impacts high-rise buildings can have on our environment, while revealing current global trends and advancements in timber design.

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