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Quay Quarter Tower: Humanising the High-Rise

Posted On March 3, 2017

Quay Quarter Tower: Humanising the High-Rise

Winners of the Quay Quarter Tower design competition, Design Research Studio, have been chosen to complete the final touches of the 49-storey Quay Quarter Tower. The innovative high-rise project taking shape in Sydney’s Central Quay precinct will see the building’s lobby, reception, meeting and conference facilities designed by the new firm, with architectural works completed by 3XN, the lead design architecture firm behind the project.

Architect and Partner at 3XN, Fred Holt, discussed the design philosophy that inspired the approach to the new structure. The design concept, Architecture Shapes Behaviour, heavily influenced the Quay Quarter Tower, enhancing the everyday working environment in commercial high-rise structures. According to Holt, “architects have the opportunity to design high-rise buildings that spatially address more than the stacked slab, efficiency only approach to high-rise design”.

Innovative and efficient building design solutions are an essential component to developing high-rise towers in the corporate Australian tall tower landscape. Holt believes that the Quay Quarter Tower project achieves this vision in “enhancing the daily experience through a socially dynamic workspace, while also increasing street activation and greens space around its base”. As a prominent example, the design incorporates a series of atria that create a tower of vertical, green villages. These green spaces attest to the architectural ideas of merging urban public space with high-rise structures which have previously been perceived as dehumanising and soulless.

As material resources continue to grow scarce and expensive, Holt advocates the idea that the onus is on developers of existing high-rise buildings and architects “to investigate methods of extending the lifespan and thus, [the] value of their buildings”. Upcycling and recycling methods will increasingly need to be incorporated in tall towers so as to create a sustainable future in the high-rise construction and design domains.

A prime example of sustainable design practices, The Quay Quarter Tower applied the idea of upcycling in preserving the original core structure of the building at 50 Bridge Street, Sydney. Two thirds of the existing building site were retained and integrated into the new Quay Quarter Tower design. Holt emphasises the importance of sustainable practice methods in future high-rise developments which will see more aspects of building components reused and recycled than presently.

Says Holt, “Thinking and planning for methods of disassembly prior to construction, not only maintains the inherent value of materials beyond a building’s life, but further increases the return on the original investment for the owner.”

Fred Holt will present on how 3XN’s realised their vision of Architecture Shapes Behaviour in the Quay Quarter Tower project and how the company puts this belief into practice by “humanising the high-rise”, appearing at the Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit, Melbourne’s premiere high-rise design and construction event,

The Australian Smart Skyscraper Summit will be held on the 28-29th March 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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